D&D 4e Party Tracking Sheet

An information sheet for D&D 4th Edition, to track information about a party’s current status. Intended to be used by either the GM or the party leader. In the group I play in, one player (often the Leader) will keep track of the hit points / status of the entire party, with the other players only worrying about their own actions, it does speed things up for our group, especially when players get distracted, or disappear through to the kitchen/bathroom during combat.  There are a couple of party tracking sheets available already for D&D 4th, but none fitted my groups needs adequately, so decided to start designing my own.

There are two sides, the first side has information for up to 6 party members (such as hit points), the second side has general party information (such as loot).

Side one (front)

D&D 4th Party Tracker (Front) PDF
D&D 4th Party Tracker (Front) PDF
D&D 4th Party Tracker (Front).pdf
Version: 1
31.6 KiB

Side One has 6 sections (two rows of 3) in a landscape format, one for each character, that lets you track the following for each player:

  • Total Hit points
  • Current Hit points
  • Resistances
  • Temporary Hit points
  • Healing Surge value and amount per day
  • Healing Surge usage.
  • Temporary conditions and effects, and when these expire or require a saving roll.
  • Action Point Usage
  • Character Name, Class/Role.
  • Defenses
  • Initiative Bonus
  • Initiative Total

Also on this side, is space for general party information, such as:

  • Initiative Round Tracker
  • Party Total XP
  • Adventuring Group Name / Party Name
  • Milestone Tracker
  • Notes

Side two (back)

General Party information that can be tracked here, such as:

  • Loot / Items / Consumables
  • Money (with boxes for platinum, gold, silver and copper)
  • Campaign Notes


What I have so far has been created using Inkscape, an Open Source Vector Graphics Editor.

Side One: Completed

The Original SVG File for this side can be downloaded so that you can edit it and make your own derivative sheets.

D&D 4th Party Tracker (Front) SVG
D&D 4th Party Tracker (Front) SVG
D&D 4th Party Tracker (Front).svg
Version: 1
136.4 KiB

Side Two: Not yet completed