13th Age Character Sheet

The RPG group I play with has recently started a 13th Age campaign, the game hasn’t been fully released yet, but the playtest rules are available online. As a player i’ve been thoroughly enjoying it, it encourages players to create actual personalities and history for their characters. Unfortunately though, the default character sheet however doesn’t really provide enough room to write a lot of this detail down, when I filled in my character sheet for the first time, I had to leave a lot of stuff out to make it fit, one area that was particularly lacking was the box for writing down your equipment… the default sheet only provided a single small box to write down everything my character was carrying, and my character was carrying a lot of small sundry items like a dozen small smooth pebbles and a spool of leather cord, and there just wasn’t enough room for it all. So, I started to create my own character sheet, and this one would provide more room to detail such things.

Most RPG sheets I’ve seen don’t really let you sort your equipment by container, they tend to just have one large box for all your equipment regardless of where they’re being kept, my solution, is to have multiple boxes for different containers, pretty much the entire rear side of the sheet is for equipment, with seperate sections for what’s in your backpack, what’s in pouches on your belt, etc. I also managed to fit in boxes for other neglected details, such as an Animal Companion, Familiar and even a trusty Mount.

There are areas I’m starting to think I need to adjust slightly after playing with the sheet for a few games, I can see the Feats/Talents box getting filled up pretty quickly as you go up in level, perhaps if you just write the names and not a brief description of the bonuses it’d all fit. I’m not sure if there’s enough room for Spells either for that matter. I’m keen to get some feedback from Spellcasters on how well it works for them, as currently i’ve been playing a Paladin.

I’ve released this sheet under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike License, so you are free to copy and distribute these, as well as to make your own versions of the file should you wish to.

13th Age Sheet V1
13th Age Sheet V1
13th Age Sheet v1.pdf
Version: 1
174.9 KiB

UPDATE: I’ve now created a new version with an added Portrait box, tick boxes next to each optional container, added more detail to the boxes for Animal/Mount/Pet information, and tidied up the Magic Items boxes to fit in some additional slots I’d missed.

13th Age Sheet V2
13th Age Sheet V2
13th Age Sheet v2.pdf
Version: 2
177.5 KiB
13th Age Sheet V3
13th Age Sheet V3
13th Age Sheet v3.pdf
Version: 3
176.5 KiB

UPDATE: The latest V4 version has had some larger changes made to it, mostly to entirely redesign parts of the front page, changing how the hitpoints/recoveries/defences/incremental advances sections are laid out, aswell as redoing the ability scores section. Some of the folks in my group were expressing a need for additional space for backgrounds (for lots of 1pt backgrounds etc), so this version has double the amount of rows for Backgrounds.

13th Age Sheet V4
13th Age Sheet V4
13th Age Sheet v4.pdf
Version: 4
181.5 KiB

UPDATE: I’ve now got access to Adobe Acrobat Pro, and so can now create Form Fillable PDF’s! I’ve only done so for the V4 sheet so far.

13th Age Sheet V4 - FormFillable
13th Age Sheet V4 - FormFillable
13th Age Sheet v4 - FormFillable.pdf
Version: 4
375.9 KiB


  1. Randy says:

    Very cool 13th age sheet. Thanks for posting it and good gaming!

  2. Evan says:

    I am a totally ungrateful admirer. The sheet is superior, with great content and organization, but (you knew there was one), I really need fillable sheets. Any chance there will be a V3 with the fillable feature added?

    That would make it perfect.

    Thank you for sharing it.

    • Brian McGillivray says:

      Glad you like the sheet. I would love to make this form fillable, unfortunately I just don’t have the software to do so at the moment.

      Seems Adobe have made it difficult to create a PDF form that will work in Adobe Reader with anything other than Adobe Acrobat Pro software which I don’t currently have access to. I am considering signing up to Adobe’s Creative Cloud package, which would open up this option, but I can’t say when that might be.

      If you know of a good way to create form fillable PDF’s that I might not be aware of, please let me know.

      • Evan says:

        Thanks Brian. I wish I had software solutions, but I am not too knowledgeable about them. Your sheet is really one of the best laid out I have seen. If you do ever get to make it fillable, that would be great, but it is terrific right now (I just have a couple of young players with terrible handwriting and being able to fill some things in would help, but is not a dealbreaker). I printed out a bunch of your sheets for our game today.

        Thank you.

        • Brian McGillivray says:

          Good news, I have recently acquired Adobe Acrobat Pro, and have now created a Fillable PDF of my latest V4 revision of the sheet.

  3. strass says:

    Any way you could make the font of the form-fillable version match better? Super beautiful sheet, but helvetica looks out of place.

  4. Craig says:

    Thanks for this – if I had the time then this is was what I would produce. Agree that the font needs tweaking for the experience type thing but then again my experience tells me the players will be scribbling over this in no time. So aesthtics can take a hike :).

  5. Jim says:

    Hey Brian, I took the liberty of making a new form-fillable version of your character sheet because I think yours is the best out there but the Helvetica font doesn’t sit right with me (and causes overlaps across the lines). I’m not sure how to get in touch with you though, but I’ve uploaded it to my site in case any of you want a form-fillable version that uses a font other than Helvetica. I claim no credit for this btw; it’s still Brian’s work.


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