13th Age Unique Thing Creation Guide

13th Age Unique Thing Creation Guide

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I’ve created a couple of 13th Age characters so far, and with both I struggled with coming up with a good “Unique Thing” for them. In 13th Age every player character has some sort of entirely unique “thing” that sets them out as being special in world. I think the reason I struggled with this was because for years I’ve worked to avoid “Special Snowflake” character concepts, which always grated me about other peoples characters in other games. 13th Age however embraces this concept, and I’ve started to adapt my thinking as the 13th Age system grows on me.

As such, when I started creating some characters, I searched through the many examples of unique things other players have created, aswell as the examples in the books, to get an idea of what kind of thing is considered a typical “Unique Thing”. As I did so, I started to notice patterns in what people take as their Unique Thing, and started to wonder if creating a Guide based on these patterns could help mould future Unique Things for my characters, here’s what i’ve come up with.

13th Age - Guide for Creating a Unique Thing
13th Age - Guide for Creating a Unique Thing
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I’m not sure it’s going to be helpful for everyone, but I hope someone finds it useful in assisting the process of creating Unique Things for 13th Age characters.

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